R & S Manufacturing and Sales Company, Inc.



Product Features

18 GA Galvanized Steel -- 0.080" Aluminum

4" Depth

Customized Flanging - Framed Screening

Custom Sizes - Width, Height, Depth

Custom Color - Powder Coat or Kyanr Finish

Special Shapes - Circular, Gable, Sectioned


Motor Operators

Chained Manual Operators

Heavy Gauge & All-Welded Construction

Drainable Blades

Sight-Proof Blades


Insulated Blank-Off Panels

Filter Rack for Stationary Louver

Filter Rack for Adjustable Louver

Specifications & Maintenance

Specification - FA40337

Louver Maintenance

Model Description Blade Depth Material Submittals
FA-2034 Stationary Drainable 2" Formed Aluminum FA-2034
FA-4004 Stationary Straight 4" Formed Aluminum FA-4004
FG-4004 Stationary Straight 4" Formed Steel FG-4004
FG-40337 Stationary Drainable 4" Formed Steel FG-40337
FA-40337 Stationary Drainable 4" Formed Aluminum FA-40337
FA-4076 Stationary Sightproof 4" Formed Aluminum FA-4076
FG-60337 Stationary Drainable 6" Formed Steel FG-60337
FA-60337 Stationary Drainable 6" Formed Aluminum FA-60037
FA-6076-H Stationary Drainable Sightproof 6" Formed Aluminum FA-6076H
FA-6076-V Stationary Vertical Drainable Sightproof 6" Formed Aluminum FA-6076V
FA-2580 Vertical Screen Sightproof 2-1/2" Aluminum FA2580
AG-4054 Adjustable Adjustable 4" Formed Steel AG4054
AA-4054 Adjustable Adjustable 4" Formed Steel AA4054